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Bath Area Self-Catering Association is a group of independent owners of self catering holiday accommodation in Bath and its rural environs of Somerset, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. We offer elegant city centre apartments, stylish country holiday cottages in the villages around Bath and converted farm buildings and barns in stunning rural retreats.

All of the vacation rental properties are of a very high quality standard.  Most are inspected, assessed and graded annually by VisitBritain or the AA. Those owners who do not wish to have a Visit Britain or AA inspection must be inspected by a BASCA committee member.

The holiday accommodation is booked directly with the owner, thus ensuring first class visitor care with close attention to guests’ particular requirements.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Our website consistently performs well on internet searches and is a valuable source of commission free bookings.
  • BASCA members meet several times a year to discuss matters of mutual interest.
  • Our membership is mutually supportive and members can contact each other through the members only section of our website with any queries.
  • We offer a vacancy referral system whereby if members are already booked for the dates which a guest requires, the booking request is easily forwarded on to all other members, so any member with suitable availability can then contact the potential guest directly – a benefit both to guests and to BASCA members.
  • Members can also access our regularly updated list of tradespeople (including plumbers, decorators, etc.) who have been recommended by members.

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If you have a self catering property in the area and are interested in becoming a member, please complete the form below and you will then be redirected to further information on pricing as well as instructions on how to become a member.

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